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Weed and Pest Control 
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Pro-Treat Weed and Pest Control Services
Expert Pest Management Protocols:
We keep our scheduled appointment and deliver our best each and every time.

Our NMDA Licensed Technicians know the most home friendly products and methods to target invasive pests in our area.
Bulding a new home or business? We also offer termite pre-treats for protection against termites. Premise Pro is our choice for these treatments. Don't delay call us for an estimate today!!

Termite Control Services
There are two types of homes in Lea County, those that have termites and those that will. Don't be a statistic let us help you keep your home intact. Termites can go undetected and cause considerable and expensive damage. Worse yet, termite damage isn't covered by homeowners insurance. 
Pro-Treat's trained inspectors evaluate each structure's layout, then locate all potential sources of termite nesting, and identify penetration points in and around your home. Once your Termite Inspection is completed, an appropriate treatment will be recommended 
Here at Pro-Treat, we use a liquid defense termite treatment using Termidor. Termidor is the best product on the market and the most fast acting product to protect your home against termite infestations. Play the video to the right for more information on Termidor. 
Time to rodent proof your home. Rats, mice, and other rodents that are part of New Mexico's natural enviroment are known to carry and spread diseases, both viral and bacterial. And, if they get into your home, they could bring those unwanted pathogens along with fleas and other parasites. 

Pest Control Results
There are so many vulnerable cracks, crevices, and incredibly small spaces through which pests can invade your home. Pro-Treat will apply pesticides to stop as many pests before they get in, because we know where they are likely to get in and which paths they are likely to follow. Fully controlling pests can take multiple applications of pesticides.
Here are the areas we typically focus on during your initial service:
Interior Service:
Crack and crevice, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior doors and thresholds, plumbing penetrations, around windows, and the garage will be treated. 
Exterior Service:
Pinpoint placement of areas conductive to pest infestation, removal of spider webs, and a perimeter treatment to prevent future infestations.
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Termite tubes in you home look like this.
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Commercial and Industrial Services

For businesses and institutions, your custom tailored program will depend on factors such as the structural characteristics of your facilities, your personnel, the type products being produced, the hours of operation, etc. We have been handling the toughest battles at the largest facilities across the Lea County area we operate in for many years. You won't find a battle we can't win and our defensive prevention programs will keep your facilities up and running.

Termite swarmers (also referred to as alates) are winged termites whose main role in life is reproducing and creating new termite colonies. In order to find a mate, these future termite kings and queens will swarm to find suitable locations for their colonies.

Emerging from tubes built by worker termites, termite swarmers range in color- from yellow to black - depending on the species. Like many other flying insects, termites are attracted to light and are often noticed around exterior lighting and window sills.

Termite swarmers are an unwelcome sight for any property owner. If you have seen what you believe to be a termite swarm in the vicinity of your property, we highly recommend bringing in a termite control professional.